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Hi! Thanks for coming to check out my work and find out more about me. A friend once described me as a “tenacious, endlessly curious badass.” The badass part is up for debate, but tenacious and endlessly curious? Yeah, that’s me.

Allow me to break down the three roles I listed in my headline:


I love helping organizations put their best foot forward online, and get the word out about their work. I’m looking to partner with nonprofits and small businesses who want simple, attractive websites. I’ve worked with organizations like St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church, South Louisville Community Ministries, and Beechmont Neighborhood Association. I’m a Code Louisville front-end web development grad, and completed an online UX design program through General Assembly in 2018.


If you need someone who knows how to get a point across efficiently and effectively, that’s me. In past roles, I’ve been a writer and editor for print and online publications. I’ve written everything from thousand-word feature articles to website microcopy. I also have experience managing newsletter and social media content.


I love bringing people together. I regularly organize neighborhood trash pickup events, and founded a group called Beautify Woodlawn. In the past, I’ve managed media projects like surveys and research reports, and magazine production. I value timeliness, collaboration, and creativity. I'm at my best when I'm working with others on projects that involve putting lots of pieces together to meet a deadline.

Right now, I’m looking for opportunities where I can put the above skills to use. Ideally, I want to work on projects that will improve someone’s life or bring some joy to someone’s day - if even in a small way.