volunteer project with ixda louisville 


about the project:

This project was a collaboration between IxDA Louisville and Louisville Metro Government’s digital inclusion team. Our goal was to find out ways to improve digital inclusion in Louisville, with special attention on low-cost internet signups. A team of about 15 researchers interviewed participants in the low-cost internet, or other assistance programs, as well as advocates for digital inclusion: social workers, librarians, and government workers. Using the findings from those interviews, we created recommendations for ways to improve awareness of low-cost internet services, and ways to improve the signup process for those programs. These will be presented to the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, and will be available to organizations who wish to implement their own digital inclusion initiatives.

my role in the project:

  • Created a Research 101 document with tips for interviewers

  • Conducted an in-depth interview with a digital inclusion advocate to identify barriers to digital literacy and technology access

  • Helped create a plan to increase education about the importance of digital literacy and decrease stigma associated with receiving low-cost services and asking for help with technology